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Acceptable Behaviour Policy

The nature of the subject matter of complaints and expressions of concern referred to us by members of the public is such that they can be a source of frustration or upset to those involved. The same can apply to the subject matter of other calls made to us.

We attach a high level of importance to assisting the public (where that is possible/permissible) and set ourselves high customer service standards in that regard. We endeavour to be of assistance to callers by providing them with information, directing them to the relevant contact point within the CEA or redirecting to another regulatory or enforcement body as appropriate.

In return, we expect our staff to be treated with courtesy and respect. We will not, therefore, accept or tolerate behaviour towards any staff member that is characterised by:

  • unreasonable demands;
  • offensive language / profanity;
  • defamatory remarks;
  • aggressive behaviour;
  • threats of any description.

We will afford the opportunity to address unacceptable behaviour. However, if it continues, our staff will take appropriate action, including, where necessary, terminating a telephone call or in-person interaction. Where such behaviour persists, we may indicate that we are only prepared to communicate with an individual in writing or we may decide to cease communicating altogether with them.

Where necessary, and particularly in the case of threats – be they physical or verbal, consideration will be given to whether the matter needs to be referred to An Garda Síochána or another relevant authority.